About Us

Micro-fiber cleaning cloths have been around for some time now.  For the most part, these super-soft cloths are great for cleaning windows, screens, and anything else while leaving surfaces smudge and streak free.  However, these cloths need to be reguarly washed, dried, and stored when you're not using them.  Mostly, these cloths are ideal for cleaning your car or SUV but may be inconvenient for smaller tasks such as TV screens, computer screens, and even tablet and smartphone screens.


This is where mini screen cleaners come into play.  These lightweight cloths are virtually invisible when stuck to the back of your electronic devices but still provide the quality of traditional micro-fiber cleaning solutions which results in not only a clean screen, but one that is also streak-free.

  • Small microfiber technology instantly cleans LCD and other display screens without leaving streaks or marks.
  • Easily sticks to the back of your smarphone, tablet, computer screen, or TV without leaving any residue.
  • Guarenteed to remain sticky after thousands of uses.  Easily rejuvinate stickiness by simply washing with soap and water.
  • Perfect for tablet users who love using their touch screen but hate leaving smudges.
  • Conveniently located wherever you place it without taking up virtually any space at all!


Feel free to contact us about bulk orders and other inquirys at: info@miniscreencleaners.com